Thursday, August 16, 2012

A new computer and a new job!

We had a blast at Hot August Nights in Reno and while there, I bought a new computer! I've been busy the last couple of days getting it set up and ready. What a learning curve that is for me!! I will keep the old one, so will still have all the documents that I wasn't sure how to transfer to my new one and will be able to use it at my new job! Oh how life is changing the last couple of months!! God is amazing! He's doing things that I never dreamed would happen and I'm just trying to hang on as we go! I will be teaching 1st and 2nd graders at the Spring Creek Christian Academy just a couple of minutes down the road. What a joy! Say lots of prayers for me as I dive in to organize and teach for the first time...YIKES! I will have the same vacation times (at least this year) as my husband has, so we will be able to visit Grandkids during those times! God is so good! And I'll still have time for my card and scrapbooking clubs and stamping time! YIPPEE!! My friend, Loretta is already looking for fun things for me to make for my students.
Here's a couple more of the swaps that I did at convention. I've already used a couple of the cards since I haven't had time to do much stamping the last few days. It's so nice to have the complete card already to go. I think I will sign up for this kind of swap again!
This one has colored water in it and actual sea shells! Not one to mail, but fun!

An easel card

Love the black, red, and white

The Summer Starfruit and Midnight Muse look great together on this one!

A pocket card

Another nice Christmas card...I've started my stash!

Love the squares on this one

Isn't he cute?

And my favorite one of all that opens and opens again...

Each section is finished so nice!

This was my favorite one of the whole bunch!

Then, of course, I have a few more that I've made that I haven't shared yet...
This one is made from the Manhattan Flower Folder, shaded with sponges and Old Olive ink, then cut around the embossed edges. I love the pearls added for a little bling. I used these for my thank you cards in July. The gals have really liked getting the cards in their orders each month, but they didn't like me writing in them! How funny is that??! I started just adding a little sticky note to them now, then they can use the card as it is. I did make a couple of extra ones so that I would have them for my cards for the church ministry. This one is a praying for you card with the verse stamped on the inside.

This one is another one using the Manhattan Folder, but cut out in sections and scraps of DSP put in behind. It's really pretty in real life...just hard for me to get good pictures in this room.

Of course, you can't forget a little something on the inside.

Here's a couple of pictures, just for fun, from Hot August Nights...
Reno...the biggest little city in the world.

We found this burger joint in downtown Reno, that was on Food Wars with their Awful, Awful burger...Awful big and Awful good. We got just one to split, and that was too much. Oh my!

Loved the colors of the paint on this old truck!

Just a little sprinkle of rain, but enough to see a beautiful double rainbow when we got back to the house! God keeps His promises!

Lots of free, fun entertainment! The Righteous Brothers Saturday night...he's singing with his daughter. Oh, the memories!

We checked out Lake Tahoe, just a short ride beautiful and clear! The water was such a beautiful color! That was my first time there, but won't be my last!

This was Loretta's favorite old taxi. What a beautiful Gumball Green!

And this was Larry's favorite...a Cobra!

The Village People played one night and what fun that was! YMCA!!!What a riot!

I'll stop now with just a few, but there are more where those came from! You know me and my camera...CLICK!! I can see some fun scrapbook pages in my future!
Happy stampin'!


  1. This makes me want to start making more cards. You are so creative and very happy about your new job. Been a tough year for you, you deserve the best.

    1. Hope it does get you stamping Janet! Wish I could have seen you longer while I was back...time was too short and just too much to do! I'm so happy for the new job...and it still gives me lots of stamping time...a bonus!!


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