Friday, January 6, 2012

Missed One!

Oops! I missed one of the pictures that I wanted to share with you from my birthday cards! I took the picture, just forget to add it when I blogged all the other cards...sorry gals, I didn't mean to leave you out! So here's another picture of a couple more of the cards that I received for my birthday!
The one on the left is from Teresa (love that fold!) and the one on the right from Michele. I love the flowers on them and so special and cheery for a December birthday! Thank you Michele and Teresa!! It was so fun to get these special cards in the mail! I hope that you're sending out those cards that you're creating, and not just putting them in a pile because you're going to make another one someday!! I have made it one of my New Year's resolutions to not miss any family birthdays this year, but to remember them all with a hand made card and note...even though some may be a day or two late! How about you?

Dickson's sister and family are leaving tomorrow to go back to Indonesia, so I have a couple more recipe pages to finish up today for her. It's been so fun having them here!! Have a fun stampin' day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's Here! The New Mini!

The new mini catalog is online today! I've been warning you that you will want it all!! Click on the catalog on the sidebar and take a tour of all the fun new stuff from Stampin' Up! If you haven't received your new catalog yet, let me know and I have some that I can get to you. It's so fun to page through it in person!
Katie made a couple of the birthday calendars while on Christmas vacation from school, and I wanted to share them with you. She did a wonderful job of mixing stamps, punches and dies to create beautiful pages for each of the months. One will be heading back to Indonesia with Dickson's sister, Nina, and even though they don't have snow there, January will remind them of the "cold" time they had in Nevada...even though it's been in the 50's and 60's here while they've been here and we haven't had any snow for them! Dickson took them into the mountains to play in the snow for a bit on Monday, so they got to see and feel it anyway, but not even much snow there to be found.

Love the flower and the stamping on the front!

Die cut snowflakes with stamped and embossed ones from Serene Snowflakes.

Hearts for February with the new embosslit die in the mini catalog.

My favorite one...the Send me Soaring set from the mini and I love how the Four Frames fits around the month so perfectly!

Just Believe...I like the outline around the just right.

Butterflies from the hostess set Precious Butterflies and Creative Elements.

The new set from the mini, Mixed Bunch and the matching punch.

All American page using the star punches...Katie did the one going to Indonesia with the flowers from the August page in this one and did red and white for Indonesia Independence Day in August.
Flower Die done in bright colors! Both of these dies have been discontinued.

Countryside colored with of my favorite sets!

Pumpkins punched from the oval punches, shaded and stitched.

Day of Gratitude, a set I'll have to borrow from Katie...has been on my wish list!

Come to Bethlehem for the best birthday of the month...Jesus!

Love how these turned out! I may have to get a new calendar going for me!!
Happy Stampin'!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! May the Lord's abundant blessings shower down on you through the coming year. I'm anxious to see what changes He has in store for us next! It's definitely been a year of change for us! We moved to Elko, NV from Rapid City, SD back in July, my husband is now a school teacher...a huge change for him!...and I'm a stay at home Grandma, helping watch some of my grandchildren now! Who would have known?? I love the extra time I have to stamp and create now, and I love being here and watching my grandchildren grow up! The only thing that would be better is having them all in the same place!! We'll be adding another one soon...just 6 weeks away! So excited to meet her! Gabe has nicknamed her Anchovy! (Hope that one doesn't stick!)
I wanted to share some of the awesome birthday cards I received in December. I love them! I have some pretty creative friends! Thank you all for the beautiful cards! They will be cherished!
The one on the left came from Ellie and the other one from Janet. Beautiful cards! I love all the layers!

I love the bling on these! The one on the left from Susan and the one on the right from Vickie. They're so pretty in real life!

These came from Audrey and Penny! Love the sparkle and bling on them! You can't tell from the picture, but the one from Penny has lots of dazzling diamonds on the snow. Unfortunately the one from Audrey lost some it's pearls in the mailing. I found a cool trick that I'm going to try with cards that have a little more thickness to them....take a piece of cardstock and put it through the crimper, then "pad" the card with that for the mailing. A couple of them came with holes in the envelopes too...I think the post office is pretty rough on things anymore!  A couple of them came postage due...ones I probably wouldn't have thought just never know with the post office which ones they will decide to do that with. When in doubt, I've been adding the extra .20 postage. I hope none of the Christmas cards that I sent came that way to anyone!! If they did, please let me know!

These were a couple of Christmas cards that I got. The red one from Vickie and the reindeer one from Pat...which doubled as a birthday card for me. Thanks so much for remembering me!! I had so much fun opening my mail!! It really made my day extra special!

Katie put a big turkey in the oven for the day...something that they don't have in Indonesia! This will be the first turkey that they have eaten! Oh the things that I'm finding out we take so for granted...baking supplies, birthday party favors for our kids, and now turkeys! Nina is going home with one packed suitcase! I've been working on a recipe book for her too...with recipes like pie crust, apple pie, pumpkin pie, cheesecake...the things they don't usually make there! Of course, we've had to make them all...some of them twice! I guess you know what one of my resolutions is going to be....take off that extra 20 pounds!...AGAIN!!
Happy New Year and Happy Stampin'!!