Friday, January 6, 2012

Missed One!

Oops! I missed one of the pictures that I wanted to share with you from my birthday cards! I took the picture, just forget to add it when I blogged all the other cards...sorry gals, I didn't mean to leave you out! So here's another picture of a couple more of the cards that I received for my birthday!
The one on the left is from Teresa (love that fold!) and the one on the right from Michele. I love the flowers on them and so special and cheery for a December birthday! Thank you Michele and Teresa!! It was so fun to get these special cards in the mail! I hope that you're sending out those cards that you're creating, and not just putting them in a pile because you're going to make another one someday!! I have made it one of my New Year's resolutions to not miss any family birthdays this year, but to remember them all with a hand made card and note...even though some may be a day or two late! How about you?

Dickson's sister and family are leaving tomorrow to go back to Indonesia, so I have a couple more recipe pages to finish up today for her. It's been so fun having them here!! Have a fun stampin' day!

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