Monday, March 19, 2012

A Little Flower

We had so much fun scrap booking on Saturday and watching it snow! (The snow didn't stop most of the gals from coming to play!) It was a great day to stay inside and have fun!
Those blurry spots in the middle of the picture are HUGE snowflakes that were falling for a while. It snowed all day Saturday, and most of the day on Sunday, but much of the snow melted as it came down and didn't stick much to the roads. We really needed the moisture, so even if it comes as snow now, I know it won't stick around long!
Here's one of the pages that I actually finished on Saturday. I don't have the one that I taught the gals a special technique for done yet, so will wait to show that to you when I have the pictures on it and it's finished.
Isn't she a little beauty? This is my newest Granddaughter, Evelyn and her big brother, Gabe. When Evie got all dressed up for her baby shower, Gabe said, "Oh she looks like a little flower!", and yes, she did look like a little flower. You'll notice that the flowers are the same as the pink easel card that I taught at a class not long ago. I wanted to show you that the same techniques that you're using to make cards with, are awesome as techniques on a scrapbook page too! The flowers are so pretty in yellow, but not quite as pretty as my Little Flower!
Remember, it's not about being caught up, it's about doing page at a time!
Happy Stampin'!

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