Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back again!

I'm back again to Elko and trying to get life back to "normal". I had lots to unpack and find a space for yesterday, and tons of e-mails to wade through and laundry, of course, to catch up with. I hope to get some stamping in today and have something fun to post tomorrow for you. Thanks for all the help back in SD!! I couldn't have done what I did without you!! Great friends provided meals, so we didn't even have to stop to cook! Katie and I sorted through lots and lots of stuff and had a great rummage sale. I would suggest that everyone move every 10 years, or at least pretend that you're moving and have a rummage sale. After being in our house for 34 years, we had a lot of things that we could have gotten rid of years ago!! Anyone with me?? It's amazing what we "have" to keep, isn't it?
Get in some fun stamping time today!

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