Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Top of the Mornin' to You!

Happy St Patrick's Day! For those of you that are Irish...celebrate the green! My neighbor has been making and sending cards to each of her family members every month since the first of the year. For March, I found this St. Patrick's Day card and helped her make some.
The flowers and the shamrock were punched with the bird punch...who would have known! I found this sample on Pinterest and followed her directions for making it. (See, you really can find and make cool things from there! Don't just pin them to let them pile up! HA!)
On the inside of the card, Carolann printed an Irish blessing...
It reads:
May the light always find you on a dreary day.
When you need to be home may you find your way.
May you always find courage to take a chance.
And NEVER find frogs in your underpants!

So that's my Irish blessing for you today! Don't forget to wear your green!
Happy Stampin'!

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