Monday, November 14, 2011

Scrapbook Weekend

Katie and I had a fun, fun scrapbook weekend...something we haven't done for years! She had vacation on Friday for Veteran's Day, so early Friday morning we started pulling out our scrapbooking supplies. You don't realize how much you have till you have the whole table covered! (And that wasn't even everything!) Katie's new favorite toy is her Big Shot that she earned for half price as a qualifying hostess at her workshop. I don't know how many times she told me how much she loves it! I know I couldn't get along without mine!

And some of the essentials to give you inspiration:

Larry and Dickson were so patient with us! We had our stuff scattered for two days. We did clear a spot to let them eat at the table! Katie worked on pages from when Faith was born and I did several from last month and some from 5 years ago! Who says you have to scrapbook in order? I just let the inspiration hit me and then find the pictures that I want to put on the page. I must say that the WalMart here does an awesome job printing pictures! I just sent the ones I wanted for a certain page from my computer, then  picked them up in an hour at the store. The colors on their prints are wonderful! A real must for a scrapbooker! Here's some pictures of the pages that I finished this weekend:
I love this one! Larry didn't think I'd be able to come up with 10 things...I think I could have done lots more. I've been married to my best friend for almost 35 years!
These are done back to back. I used a weaving technique tutorial that I purchased from another demonstrator on how to do several pages using this technique. What's so neat about it is that you're making two pages at the same time. With our DSP being double sided, you see the pattern from the back side of the paper strips that you're weaving with.
Isn't that a neat trick! I couldn't let the backside go to waste, so added the pictures of Faith's Pre-school party to the other side. I love all the little kids hanging off the letters! Just like a bunch of two year olds!
Love the pictures with Katie and Lily at Katie's wedding. This layout just worked so well for lots of pictures and for the Flower Girl title.  I used the reinker spread technique that we've done on cards for the flowers, and then the stamped flowers on the top were colored with the layered marker technique. So beautiful in real life!
And the two of them together...
Hope this gives you a little inspiration for some pages. Get those pictures out...remember, it's not about being caught's about doing it!!
Happy Scrappin'!

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  1. I reconize a table like that, ( a time or two)
    glad that you are scraping you really do a beautiful job on your pages SA


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